You’ve got the look!

Eat butter

Starting Bento Bites has led me to spend a lot of time thinking about the concept of the look versus the taste of what I’m creating, and how much effort should go into each element. For me, not nearly enough effort goes into the taste side of things.

Confectionary items like cake, cookies, fudge and brownies (the stuff I specialise in) are like models: sometimes you find one that is absolutely divine looking, but when you get to the inside, it’s hollow and tasteless. I, for one, loathe the idea that any of my products would be so useless where it really matters.

While I understand that we eat with our eyes first, and that you wouldn’t be tempted by something that looks patently unappetising, I would rather have a cupcake that looks cute, or is pretty in a not-so-traditional sense, and tastes absolutely phenomenal. After all, that’s why you got it, isn’t it? You want it to blow your taste buds off your tongue. You want something that is home-baked, not processed on a conveyor belt, where you can actually taste real butter, salt and cocoa, rather than something that tastes just slightly different to wax and cardboard.

For me, it’s all about real ingredients and taking time to get the taste and look of my goodies balanced and right. My treats are definitely not fast food: everything I bake takes time, and if it takes longer than normal, so be it; as long as it means I’m creating something amazing, I will put in the effort.

What do you think about looks versus taste?

Eat real food 

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