Experimental cockiness



This has been a tough week for my Bento Bites baking adventure: out of the blue, nothing has been working properly. I’m talking very broken brownies and decidedly effed up fudge. I couldn’t understand why suddenly everything was going wrong… until I decided to read one of my recipes, and realised I hadn’t exactly been following it.

As the picture above says, baking is science for hungry people, but for me, the key here is that it is a science. It’s ridiculously precise and requires you to follow the ‘instruction manual’ to the gram. I, instead, had been doing a lot of what many in the food industry call ‘eyeballing’ my ingredients, making educated (or, as it turns out, rather cocky and UNeducated) guesses about the amount of flour or sugar I was adding to my mixtures, and it was absolutely ruining the end product. 

Something else I had been dabbling in and abusing: experimenting. While it’s fun to let your imagination run free and try out different methods and ingredients, you can only take it so far before it starts turning your mixes into monsters. You’re baking a cake, not building Frankenstein. 

If there is a lesson I’ve learnt this week, it is that they aren’t kidding when they say follow the recipe. With cooking, you can risk following your heart and playing around with your ingredients; if you try that with baking, you are going to end up with a lot of baked goods… in the bin. 

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